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  There are multiple ways people become millionaires. Some launch a successful startup. Others are a whiz with stocks. But, one of the most common yet overlooked ways is to become a franchise owner.


  If you're not sure what a franchise is here is a pretty good explanation: “a franchisee pays an initial fee and ongoing royalties to a franchisor; in return, the franchisee gains the use of a trademark, ongoing support from the franchisor, and the right to use the franchisor's system of doing business and sell its products or services.”


  I've been in the startup world for the past eight years, slaving away at my different startups. It's hard because you never know if money will start coming in the door after all your hard efforts. I've had my ups and downs along the way. The main benefit of becoming a franchise owner is that you can launch a proven, brand-name business without starting from scratch. Imagine that! The market research, brand, product, and built-in customer base is already there for you. This isn't saying you can't fail, but the odds are a lot more in your favor.


  If that has your attention, you should look into in investing in the following 10 franchises that aren’t only quality brands, but also guaranteed to make you a millionaire in 5 years.


  1. Anytime Fitness


  Founded in 2001, the 24-hour fitness club quickly began franchising in 2002. Today, Anytime Fitness has approximately 2,869 global locations. This recession-proof franchise has been rapidly growing. Entrepreneur has named it one of the top 20 franchises for the last five years. Total Investment will range $62.9K - $417.9K. Credibly states that average annual sales are between $254,700-$585,800.

  创立于2001年,24小时健身俱乐部在2002快速开始特许经营。今天,Anytime Fitness全球的大约有2869家。这个抗衰退的特许经营已经在快速增长。企业家在过去五年里已经将它命名为特许经营20强之一。总投资大概在62.9K美元到417.9K美元。据可靠声明,平均年销售额在254,700美元到585,800美元之间。

  2. Mosquito Squad


  Pest control doesn’t always seem like sexiest of franchises. But it’s an opportunity to tap into a necessary market at a relatively low cost with a total investment is between $15,850 - $69,625. Mosquito Squad is looking to expand globally and has a 66.8 percent average gross profit margin.

  害虫防治不是一直看起来像最性感的特许经营。但是它是一个以相对低价格进入一个必要市场的机会,总投资在15,850美元到69,625美元。Mosquito Squad正在扩充到全球并且它的平均毛利率在66.8%。

  3. Jimmy John’s

  If you’re looking to get involved in the sandwich part of the food industry, you may be tempted to open a Subway franchise. Jimmy John’s, which opened in 1983, is a sounder option. For starters, the quality of the gourmet sandwiches beats Subway everyday. Also, the initial investment of between $323K - $544K is fairly reasonable for such a large brand. Finally, according to Jimmy John’s, the franchise has an average annual gross sales of $1,367,810 and an average net profit from operations of $270,355 - 299,015.

  如果你想要涉及食品行业中的三明治部分,你可能会受诱惑去开一家Subway特许经营。Jimmy John’s在1983年开业,是一家更合理的选择。首先,每天美味的三明治质量更胜于Subway。而且,初始投资在323k到544K美元之间对于这样一个大品牌来说是相当合理的。最后,根据Jimmy John’s,特许经营平均年销售总额1,367,810美元并且从运作来看平均净利润在270,355到299,015美元之间。

  4. Unishippers


  This Salt Lake City-based company creates custom shipping and logistics solutions for businesses. The cost to own an Unishippers franchise is an affordable $61,000, among the cheapest franchise costs. The company is looking to franchise across the country. With annual revenue of over $425 million, there is a real possibility to become a millionaire here.


  5. BrightStar


  Home healthcare is an appealing industry when you consider that 10,000 people turn 65 each day. By 2030, one person in five will be 65 or older. BrightStar is a home care/senior care franchise opportunity for the investment level $0-150,000. BrightStar claims that the average franchise location revenues for 2014 were $1,421,257.


  6. Mellow Mushroom


  Americans love pizza, which is why Pizza Hut is one of the most popular franchise decisions. However, Mellow Mushroom is a little-known pizza shop that’s full of soul. The pizzeria first opened in 1974. The total investment to open and operate this franchise ranges from $926,500 to $3.1 million, but there is a chance that you can exceed more than $3 million in sales.

  美国人爱吃披萨,这是为什么PizzaHut是最受欢迎的特许经营决策之一。然而,Mellow Mushroom是一家鲜为人知的有完整灵魂的披萨商店,第一家披萨饼店在1974年开业。开店和运营这家特许经营总投资从926,500到3,100,000美元之间,但是你有超过3百万美元销售额的机会。

  7. Weed Man


  Weed Man is the leading franchised lawn care provider in North America - although it’s only been in the States since 1995. The company has been operational since 1970 and began offering franchise opportunities in 1976. Weed Man USA currently has 445 territories in the US with more than $140 million in system sales. Lawn care providers typically have repeat customers, making this an appealing and overlooked franchise. If located in the top 25 percent of US locations, average gross could be more than $1 million per year. Total investment to get started is $68.5K - $85.5K.

  Weed Man 是一家在北美洲领先的草坪护理特许经营提供者-虽然只从1995才开始在美国。公司自1970年开始被运作,并且开始在1976年开始提供特许经营。Weed Man USA现在在美国开发有445个地区,超过140万美元的系统销售。草坪护理提供者典型的拥有重复购买顾客,使这成为了一个极好的并且被忽视了的特许经营。如果位于前百分之25的美国地点,每年平均总销售额能超过1百万美元。启动总投资在68.5K到85.5K美元。

  8. Supercuts


  After opening its first shop in California in 1975, Supercuts now has nearly 2,500 locations in the US, Canada and UK. Total investment for a franchise is between $113.9K - $233.8K with annual average revenue at approximately $262,000. Supercuts was selected as the fifth best franchise in Entrepreneur's 2015 Top Franchise 500.


  9. MaidPro


  Established in Boston in 1991, MaidPro is one of the best franchises for an initial investment under $150,000. With more 150 locations across the US and Canada, the housecleaning service has relatively low royalty costs and recurring customers which can lead you on your way to becoming a millionaire.


  10. Camp Bow Wow

  Founded in 2000, Camp Bow Wow provides grooming, training, daycare and boarding for your furry, four-legged family member. The company has since grown to 180 franchises locations that are home to more than 2.7 million dog visits per year! The total investment for Camp Bow Wow can be pricey, it’s between $356.6K - $1M, but with Americans spending over $61 billion on their pets, there’s definitely a chance to make a hefty profit.

  创立于2000年的Camp Bow Wow为你有毛皮的四只脚的家庭成员提供修饰,训练,日托,喂养。公司已经发展到有180个特许经营地点,每年有超过270万只狗来访!Camp Bow Wow总投资能很昂贵,在356.6K到1百万美元之间,但是美国人每年会花费超过610亿美元在他们的宠物上,意味着肯定有机会获得高额的利润.


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